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Better than 20/20 for the 21st Century

Donald Bradman was rejected from the Air Force.
Poor eyesight!

In sport, almost 80% of perceptual input is visual. Decisions are largely based upon what the athlete is seeing but 20/20 vision does not mean peak performance.

Objects move,
players move,

space changes


speed varies.

Ever wonder why some players seem to have more time, or see the ball clearer or quicker than others?

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"The use of RightEye under the guidance of Jim has greatly aided my clarity of vision and made me feel more comfortable in my professional football environment."

Alex Fisher Motherwell FC, Oxford Utd, Yeovil Town FC, Exeter City

Join over 6000 professional athletes from the MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA in using RIGHTEYE.

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3 steps

1.Contact us to book a consultation.

2. Our equipment is portable, we come to you.

3. Be assessed, receive your training program. Start. Improve. Benefit.

We will measure specific vision skills which affect reflexes, eye-hand co-ordination and execution.


Eye Movement speed               Processing Speed                 Dynamic Visual Focus       


Smooth Visual Pursuit            Discriminate Reaction Time            Choice Reaction Time           Binocular Vision Skills

Visual Concentration              Contrast Sensitivity

Assessment is completed in approximately  15 minutes


Our training program can be completed in short,  ten minute sessions each day and athletes report benefits within a week!

Progress in hitting, tracking, decision making, timing, awareness, positioning, stress levels and more.

Individual testing, reports and training drills.

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